Dexcom CLARITY, Healthcare Professionals #1 preferred tool to support effective diabetes management,1 highlights patients’ glucose patterns, trends, and statistics—including the percentage of time that glucose levels are in low, target, and high ranges.




Key Features and Benefits 

Dexcom CLARITY allows healthcare professionals and patients to access clinically relevant glucose patterns, trends, and statistics via a range of interactive reports. Use of Dexcom CLARITY can facilitate better conversations about a patient’s glucose insights during virtual or in-person visits. 


A variety of interactive reports can be viewed, saved, and printed for more targeted patient conversations and greater efficiency. 

Clinic Portal

Your patients’ glucose data is accessible via an easy-to-use clinic portal, supporting a more simplified clinic workflow. 

Continuous Data Connection *

No uploading, no problem. Glucose data from your patients’ Dexcom CGM app is automatically* sent to Dexcom CLARITY, for more streamlined data management without the hassle of manual uploading. 

CGM Data Analysis Reports

Evaluate relevant CGM data from your clinic computer to help support effective diabetes management. Using proprietary algorithms, Dexcom CLARITY offers a full range of reports to address your patient’s individual needs.

Displays a patient’s glucose trends at different times of day over a selected date range. For example, you might reference a patient’s Trend report and notice that their glucose levels are stable during mornings, but less stable during afternoons. 

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Maximising Dexcom CLARITY at Your Clinic

Access your patients’ glucose insights via one streamlined, easy-to-use clinic portal. 

1. Get Patients Started

Invite patients to use Dexcom CLARITY and share their CGM data with your clinic. Patients authorise data sharing using the code provided by their clinic. 

2. View Reports

Use the clinic portal to view, analyse, and print any (or all) of the reports that can support your in-person or virtual appointments. 

3. Discuss Trends

Discuss relevant glucose patterns, trends, and statistics with your patient to help support effective diabetes management. 

Powerful Insights at No Cost to Your Clinic 

There's no cost to register for access to Dexcom CLARITY.‡ 

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*An internet connection is required for patients to send their glucose data to Dexcom CLARITY via a compatible smart device: 

† Healthcare Professionals will only be able to view a patient’s glucose data if the patient selects to share it with them through Dexcom CLARITY.  

‡Register for Dexcom CLARITY at 

1 Seagrove Partners. Customer Survey, August 2019: 21.