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Dexcom webinars for healthcare professionals on the Dexcom range of real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems.

Meet Dexcom ONE+

Man in pool wearing Dexcom ONE+

the essential CGM that’s easier,* smarter,†,1-4 and more effective*,†,‡,§,5-7

We believe every person with diabetes should have access to simple, accurate and convenient glucose monitoring. That’s why we’re bringing our Dexcom sensor technology to more patients than ever before. Whether it’s for type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Be one of the first to find out all about Dexcom ONE+ in our upcoming webinar featuring Dr Emma Wilmot, Dr Jackie Elliott, and Dr Sarah Davies, who will be discussing how CGM can be used for people with diabetes and how CGM, such as Dexcom ONE+, provides a 24/7 visualisation of glucose levels with alerts and alarms.

Chair: Dr Sarah Davies, GPwSI Diabetes, MRCP, MRCGP a GP with a special interest in diabetes and education at Woodlands Medical Centre, Greater Cardiff area.

Live webinar with Q&A

Day Time
Wednesday 5th June 2024  12.30 pm
Thursday 6th June 2024 12.30 pm


In the loop- connected pump partners

Hybrid closed loop (HCL)

Dexcom have joined forces with connected pump providers to bring you a unique series of hybrid closed loop (HCL) webinars. See the evidence, ask the experts, get all the advice you need. 


1hr webinar.  Please submit any questions in advance [email protected]

Dexcom rtCGM System x Air Liquide Healthcare / t:slim X2 insulin pump x Control-IQ™ technology. 

Patients want a discreet and easy-to-use pump? Get live advice on optimising the t:slim X insulin pump with Control-IQ hybrid closed-loop technology, and understand how its features can support adults and children to customise in order not to compromise. 

Expert Panel Including: Kerri Bandelin BSN, RN, CDCES, Director International Clinical Support at Tandem Diabetes Care






Original date; 20th February 2024        
Watch on demand on the Education Hub      

 Dexcom rtCGM System x Insulet Omnipod® 5 x SmartAdjust™ 

Dexcom G6 x Omnipod® 5. Discover the simplicity and flexibility of the tubeless x Omnipod®5 hybrid 

closed loop system integrated with Dexcom G6. Ask the experts and discuss practical advice about initiating and optimising the system in both adults and children. 

Expert Panel Including: Dr Jackie Elliott PhD, FRCP, Clinical Lead for Diabetes, Senior Clinical Lecturer/ Honorary Consultant, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, and John Pemberton RD Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.





Original date; 27th February 2024        
Watch on demand on the Education Hub      

 Dexcom rtCGM System and the mylife™ YpsoPump® / mylife™ CamAPS FX 

Get live advice from diabetes technology experts on connecting Dexcom rtCGM systems and the mylife™ YpsoPump® / mylife™ CamAPS FX . With a focus on managing pregnancy in people with a HCL system. 

Expert Panel Including: Prof. Helen R. Murphy MBBChBAO, MD, FRACP, Professor of Medicine (Diabetes & Antenatal Care) & Tara Lee Clinical research fellow (diabetes and maternal medicine), UEA and Speciality registrar O&G, NNUH





19th March 2024 12.30      

†† The Dexcom ONE+ Sensor is waterproof and may be submerged under 2.4 Meters of water for up to 24 hours without failure when properly installed.

*Compared to previous-generation Dexcom systems. 

†Compared to self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG). ‡Results obtained with a previous generation for Dexcom CGM System and are applicable to Dexcom ONE+ given similar feature sets and better performance and usability. 

§Smartphone and receiver sold separately. Please check compatibility of your smartphone device at www.dexcom.com/compatibility.

1 Dexcom ONE+ User Guide, 2023. Arrow must be displayed with glucose number to make treatment decisions.

2 Aly A, et al. Delayed alerts for hyperglycemia contribute to reductions in rebound hypoglycemia. Diabetes Technol. Ther. 2024;26(S2): A254-255.

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