Real-time continuous glucose monitoring education

Review this education section to enhance your understanding of real-time continuous glucose monitoring (rt-CGM) systems and how it can provide meaningful benefits to your patients. 

An introduction to rt-CGM 

In three modules, Dr Jackie Elliott, Senior Clinical Lecturer/ Consultant Diabetes, University of Sheffield, England, will explore rt-CGM, including: 

  • What is rt-CGM? 

  • How to identify suitable patient groups 

  • The clinical and real-world benefits of rt-CGM 

  • A case study example of patient initiation 

  • An exploration of data analysis to support effective clinical decisions 

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Module 1: Delivering optimal diabetes care: An introduction to rt-CGM
A short guide to rt-CGM, including how the technology operates, the benefits of CGM to support diabetes care and how to identify suitable patients for initiation.
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Module 2: Delivering optimal diabetes care: rt-CGM initiation
Examine the benefits of rt-CGM use, the practical application of rt-CGM and how to monitor the patient and their data during the initial period of use.
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Module 3: Delivering optimal diabetes care: Data analysis
Explore the benefits of having access to glucose data; looking at relevant patterns and trends to help support effective clinical diabetes management decisions and support self-management of T1D.

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Additional educational support   

To support your education journey, viewing relevant modules on Academy™, certified by the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ACBD), could be beneficial.  

Academy™ is an online educational program where healthcare professionals can increase their knowledge in diabetes technologies. It is accessed online through diasend® and provided free of charge to health care professionals. 

Modules you may find useful include: 

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring 

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Pregnancy 

  • Sensor Augmented Pumps (SAP)  

  • Virtual Consultation 

How do I get access? 

If you have a diasend® account, simply click here to access Academy™ and fill out the form to activate your access to the platform.  

Non-diasend® users can request a free account with limited functionality, to use for access to Academy™. Fill out a registration form here